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Abbas Busafwan
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Abbas Busafwan

Abbas Busafwan is keen for us to take pictures of him at his workplace.  He is proud that, despite everything that has happened to him, he has continued to follow his career passion as a journalist.   He takes us around the brightly coloured and impressive studio and tells us of his work, in which he writes for a Lebanese newspaper and Bahraini websites, amongst others.  

Abbas resides in a quiet area in London.  He lives with his wife and four young children.  However, his life there has not been smooth.  ‘It has not been easy for me and my family to assimilate to life in a country so different to all that we have ever known.  We never had planned to live here, neither was it our choice.  It has been difficult.’  He is, however, very optimistic.  Abbas believes that the hardest times are behind them now, that things are looking up for them and that his children are much happier now than when they were forced to leave their country.  Moreover, he is optimistic about his country, and believes that the coming years will bring positive change in Bahrain.

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